Assuming I get my timing right, this entry should be posted at exactly two minutes and one second past three, Greenwich Mean Time, May 4th, 2006. In ISO 8601 notation, that can be neatly represented as 06-05-04T03:02:01+00. Isn’t that cool?

Of course this isn’t the first such event. Earlier this morning many of you may have noted the time 01:02:03 04/05/06 (time first, date order reversed). For U.S. residents, the date of choice would have been last month, April 5th. I like my version best though – not only an international standard, but we also get a zero from the time zone.

I guess this now officially marks the start of my blog. I’ve been posting obnoxious comments on other people’s sites for long enough – it’s about time I got a place of my own. Most of what you’ll see here will be tech stuff: programming, syndication, Atom and RSS – possibly the occasional cat picture. All that remains now, is for me to obtain a cat.